Analysis of the Interactivity of Font Design Application in User Interface

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yichen ZengChao ZhengXinlei ZhangBingkun QiuXinhao ZhanLi Cheng Xie

Abstract: Driven by the information age, the development of screen display technology has brought new opportunities and challenges for typeface design. Font design has gradually realized multi-dimensional presentation forms and interactive interaction properties. Starting from the application of fonts in user interfaces, this paper analyzes the factors constituting text interactivity and the basic characteristics of font interactivity. It summarizes the expression form of font interactivity in user interface design and its feedback effect. The study shows that, as a fundamental element of user interface design, standardizing the interactive properties in fonts and reading text can ensure the readability of text and improve the efficiency of information communication. At the same time, the application of new digital technologies further expands people's access to text information. The rich media and information dissemination channels have given rise to new patterns of font interactivity applications, shifting the representation of text from static to dynamic, enriching visual variables and application scenarios, and generally broadening the design field. Finally, this paper believes that immersive and interactive typeface design is the future development trend, and the typeface design in user interface should actively break the barriers to seek boundaries and development. The interactive application of fonts with the intervention of new technologies and devices enables designers to convey information and emotions more fully and completely, thus enabling users to obtain a better reading experience and efficient information resources.

Keywords: Font design, Interactivity, User interface, Dynamic font

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003395

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