The Development of Process-Based Customized Service on Insole Design for High-Heeled Shoes

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zun-Hwa ChiangWei-Wei SuMing-Hsien Chuang

Abstract: In the era of customers in power, customized products have gained significance in design strategy. By discovering the uncomfortableness of wearing high-heeled shoes and researching the issues caused by inappropriate foot pressure, this study (which is currently in process) aims to establish a service process that meets customers’ needs . The service process started with scanning the contours of the subjects’ feet and constructing corresponding 3D anti-slip kits. Then, the prototype was printed with a silicone 3D printer with controlled parameters. The hardness, thickness, and density of the silicone materials differed among subjects with different experiences, and feedback was obtained. Through interviews and data collected from the subjects, the researchers will analyze the feelings they experienced—both standing and walking—while wearing the designed silicone kit. In the end, we will develop a reference chart, based on body weight and shoe size, that guides consumers in choosing silicone anti-slip kits . In this way, the manufacturer can optimize the low-cost mass production and the high-cost of full customization . Thus, we will create a service design and physical products that better meet consumer expectations.

Keywords: Customized Design of Ergonomics, Design Service Process, 3D Scanning, Insole Design, High, heel Shoes

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003401

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