The Value Co-creation Service Mode Design of Online Technology Market

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Wenling XuYun Wang

Abstract: Technology is now the primary force behind economic growth and increased productivity in the era of the digital economy. The online technology market is the main platform for technology trading and is a new strategic industry. The service mode of the online technology market can improve user service and enable the co-creation of user value. At first, a thorough review of the literature is performed to investigate the online technology market, service design and mode, value co-creation theory and its application. Second, it classifies various online technology market types and the service modes of various platforms using a comparative analytical approach, and it draws conclusions about how these service modes will develop. Eventually, the design subjects, design factors and processes, and design forms in the technology transaction process of the online technology market are studied, the service mode design model of the online technology market is developed, and the design results are generated. This essay encourages the growth of service design for the online technology market by offering useful concepts and workable recommendations for the service mode.

Keywords: Value Co, Creation, Online Technology Market, Service Mode, Service Design, Technology Trading

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003402

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