Ergonomics in Classroom Furniture for Primary School Children in Vietnam

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Authors: Cristina SalvadorTuong Quyen Vu

Abstract: This paper reports a study in the context of a product design research about classroom furniture in Vietnam and is based on the review of literature. The objective of the research project is to help improve Vietnamese children's well-being, developing a proposal of classroom furniture more adapted to primary school children, using local materials and production processes, reducing carbon footprint and contributing to sustainability. In this Southeast Asian country, children spend a long time at school, daily, performing a lot of different activities and are still experiencing non-suitable classroom furniture, leading to wrong posture, posing safety risks and possibly harming their present and future health. Sustainability also seems to be overlooked, as the application of materials with less environmental impact is not a priority. The study helped on the contextualization and definition of the problem, providing information about the status quo in Vietnamese primary schools' furniture and pointed directions on this research project, towards more sustainable choices on materials, such as bamboo and its production processes. Adaptation to the Child is an aim in both health and environmental levels. Children's well-being at school depends on the interaction and comfort with their surroundings, including adapted and sustainable classroom furniture, which can support a healthier learning experience.

Keywords: Product Design, Classroom Furniture, Vietnam, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Sustainability.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003404

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