Stories in a shoe box - Entangled narratives of Nature

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Authors: Jose SilvaTiago Navarro MarquesEma Silva

Abstract: The present climate challenges require the development of different tactics and some outside the realm of pure rationalisation, strategies that focus on emotional and romantic relationships with the space of Nature. The investigation follows a descriptive case methodology. The narratives developed by Hans Christian Andersen were the starting point for the project developed in Learning Settings at the University of Évora in the Course of Technologies of Vector Drawing, curricular year of 2022/23. This project starts from the assumption presented by (Supriya, 2020). According to the author, the stories of Hans Christian Anderson build a romantic relationship with Nature being fundamental for a relationship of protection by the human agent. The students involved in the current project chose one of the stories of Hans Christian Anderson, followed by the development of a scenic representation in Tunnel book for the story in an area of 15x30x15. The compositions of the various students later formed a wall of stories. When the students presented the project, the authors conducted a thematic analysis of the project descriptions to assess how students interpreted the stories and whether a romantic relationship with Nature was perceptible.

Keywords: Learning settings, Hans Christian Anderson, Nature, Visual compositions

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003407

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