Analysis of children's sitting posture status and influencing factors

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Authors: Huimin HuAnna HaoLing LuoWenlei NiuJianglan Chen

Abstract: The in-depth interview method was used to conduct research on target children aged 6~12. In the home environment, the sitting characteristics, common sitting posture types and parents' views on children's sitting posture of different school ages were studied, which provided a reference for the refinement of the influence indicators of children's standard sitting posture in the context of intelligent display devices, which provided reference for the design of sitting posture monitoring products. Studies have found that most children use smart display devices for a single continuous duration of 30~40 minutes, and their correct sitting posture maintenance time is shorter, the frequency of bad sitting posture is higher, and the bad sitting posture is mainly hunched back and head down.

Keywords: Children, Sitting posture types, Sitting characteristics, in, depth interview

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003409

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