Research for Health System Design Under Digital Intelligent Era

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Fei WangCong Gu

Abstract: This With the advancement of technology and social development, health is becoming an increasingly important proposition for the development of human society. The new crown epidemic has made health-related issues such as crisis response, epidemic prevention and disease prevention, aging trends, and quality of medical services more acute and urgent.In the digital era, design, as a thinking method for problem solving and a mechanism for crisis prevention, is deeply involved in solving health problems in the relationship between people and society. Smart Health Design aims to explore design intervention in the field of great health, integrate humanistic care through intelligent technology, reconstruct the standards and methods of health design in the digital era from the perspective of design intelligence, achieve health and social harmony, construct a contemporary smart health living system, and establish a smart and healthy lifestyle.Through the design case of industry-university-research project cooperation, the article focuses on healthy lifestyle, explores the demand for digital products and services in the health field, and proposes the value proposition of smart health from passive medical treatment to active health with the concept of humanistic care and the integration of intelligent technology and digital intelligence design methods, and constructs a new scene of smart health life in a multi-dimensional way, so that smart health life can reflect the emotion and temperature of "computing" in the digital era.

Keywords: intelligent health design, the perspective of intelligent design, human care

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003410

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