Future Information Input Mode and Case Study of Intelligent Operation Cabin of Construction Machinery

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Dongxinyi LiJun Yi

Abstract: Intelligence is an inevitable trend in the construction machinery industry. Under this trend, the interaction, spatial pattern, and information transmission of the operation cabin will all change. The intelligent operation cabin is an important space for information interaction between people and construction machinery. It is a complex workplace with a large number of information input interfaces. It is necessary to understand how information is entered in current and future intelligent operation cabins. Through the analysis of the current situation and the study of relevant cases, combined with the characteristics of the construction machinery itself, the future information input mode of the intelligent operation cabin of the construction machinery is summarized and discussed. This research can provide some reference and thinking for the design of the future intelligent operation cabin of construction machinery.

Keywords: Construction Machinery, Intelligent Operator Cabin, Information Input

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003413

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