Evaluation of nonlinear regional stability performance of passenger cars

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zehong WeiXuelian ZhengJie WangYuanyuan RenQingju Wang

Abstract: With the development of automobile technology and the improvement of road facilities, the driving performance and driving environment of vehicles have been improved, and the speed of vehicles has accelerated. This also brings hidden dangers to vehicle safety. When the vehicle is driving under complex working conditions such as ice and snow roads or strong crosswind, the vehicle tends to be in a nonlinear area, and the vehicle is prone to instability due to drivers’ insufficient driving experience and incorrect operation, resulting in traffic accidents and casualties and property losses. However, in the current evaluation system for passenger car safety, the performance of the linear region of the vehicle is mainly evaluated by limiting the maximum vehicle speed or lateral acceleration, and the stability of the nonlinear region of the passenger car is not comprehensively evaluated. This paper proposes a comprehensive evaluation index for passenger car safety based on stability and nonlinearity. The slowly increasing steer test under different speeds and different road conditions is conducted through the joint simulation of CarSim and MATLAB/Simulink, and the vehicle state can transition from the linear region to the nonlinear region under this test scenario, so the validity of the comprehensive evaluation index of passenger car safety proposed in this paper can be verified. The test results show that the index can quantitatively evaluate the safety of passenger cars under different test scenarios.

Keywords: nonlinear regional stability, passenger cars, stability evaluation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003416

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