Digital Service Design Based on Social Welfare - Taking Pet shelter as an Example

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jianan LiuYichen Wu

Abstract: Most pet shelters are organizations established in the name of individuals or a few people out of love. PETA is a pet adoption system based on the shelter scenario, aiming to use digital means to reduce the burden of shelters in information management and dissemination, call for more people to accept pet adoption, and alleviate the social problem of stray pets to a certain extent. This study uses a mixed method of questionnaires, field observations, and semi-structured interviews to understand better shelters' real-life dilemmas and adopters' concerns. The final design results are presented through user needs summarization, design strategy refinement, and functional framework sorting.

Keywords: Pet shelter, Service Design, Digitalization, Social Welfare

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003364

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