Sensory Virtual Interaction Design Based on the Impact of Microplastics on Ecosystem

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xinhao ZhanChao ZhengBingkun QiuLi Cheng XieXinlei ZhangYichen Zeng

Abstract: Virtual interaction can provide vivid interaction scenarios for the audience, and its operability greatly shortens the distance between the works and the audience. The key to building a complete set of virtual interaction works is to design aesthetic 3D video and logical interaction design. Micro plastic pollution is an environmental problem that has recently attracted much attention. Micro plastics widely exist in various media carriers all over the world. As far as plastic straws are concerned, on average, more than 30 plastic straws are used each year in China. A large number of micro plastics are produced in the process of processing and recycling, causing irreversible damage to the natural ecology. Therefore, from the point of view of design, the virtual interactive design of the micro plastic pollution theme is studied based on interactive devices. Let people know the harmfulness of micro plastics, and reduce the use of plastic products spontaneously. In this paper, the origin and influence of microplastics are briefly introduced. Secondly, to slow down the micro plastic pollution problem by design, we analyzed and learned the relevant cases of virtual interactive design works, learned from each other's strengths, and finally presented the design practice results.

Keywords: virtual interaction, 3D animation, interactive design, micro plastic, plastic straw

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003427

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