Investigating the concept of sustainable strategy in digital service design

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Authors: Xiaotong TianYichen Wu

Abstract: In the new era of rapid economic development, human beings are beginning to think about whether a sustainable development path can be built between humans, nature, and society. Simultaneously, the digital society has increased the number of digital services that users encounter in their daily lives and the emergence of more virtual digital products. In this study, we propose a strategy to investigate the concept of sustainability in the design of digital services by working with companies and using a case study of shattered cell phone screen insurance. The large amount of e-waste generated by users' constant use and constant replacement of consumer electronics has not received the attention it deserves.Therefore, we will focus on applying and exploring the sustainability concept in digital services and exploring inspirational design in broken screen insurance services to convey the sustainability concept to users.In the first phase, this study interprets the design case of the sustainable concept through case studies, with desktop research used to analyze the qualitative content of the inherent status of e-waste in policy and implementation. Questionnaire research was conducted to collect data on users' experiences of e-waste generated by cell phones as a carrier of broken screen insurance services, using data secondary analysis to elicit user trust patterns for new products and concepts. We created a mind map centered on sustainable environmental protection, emotional interaction design, and e-waste, and defined the user needs for each of the three major areas. The framework of the digital service tandem based on the concept of sustainable screen-shattering insurance was established to demonstrate the different types of environmental design that can be incorporated at different stages of user contact with screen-shattering insurance. In the second phase, based on the design framework of the first phase, the functional architecture of the shattered screen insurance service design is organized. The interaction model of the online digital service is conceived, specifically visualizing the process of each link and designing the interaction form. According to research and practice, the design of digital services must be socially attractive, functional, and easy to understand in order to increase retention rates. This helps to increase public awareness of sustainability concepts and allows users to build a deeper awareness of environmental protection, thus enhancing the communication strategy of sustainability concepts in digital services.

Keywords: Digitalization, Service Design, Sustainable Concept

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003365

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