Grasping Posture Study in One-Handed Touch Screen Operations Based on Posture Coding

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xing XiaoYuxuan LiuYue ZhuXinmiao NieHaining Wang

Abstract: The ergonomic design of the thermal comfort of smartphones requires a greater understanding of the user's preferred grasping postures. This study examined the users' preferred grasping postures in three one-handed and high-heat-generating smartphone applications(short video browsing, video chatting, and video recording). The grasping postures of 50 participants in 3 smartphone application scenarios are photographed. The grasping position is encoded by the smartphone locations (left: L, right: R, top: T, bottom: B, front: F, back: K) and the number of fingers at each contact position. The grasping posture frequency distribution of smartphone application scenarios will be of use to guide the determination of the optimal thermal layout of smartphones in specific application scenarios.

Keywords: smartphone, grasping posture, thermal layout, thermal comfort, , posture encoding

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003430

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