The application of digital art in experimental font design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Li Cheng XieChao ZhengXinhao ZhanYichen ZengXinlei ZhangBingkun Qiu

Abstract: The development of digital art has profoundly changed people's reading habits and also affected the design methods and visual presentation of fonts. Meanwhile, the application media, scenes, and fonts' communication modes have become more diverse. Since the development of font design, a font is no longer a two-dimensional symbol that can only be communicated through shape and language. More and more artists create and express words through digital art. At this time, the role of "character" has gone far beyond the communication of sound or ideographic information, but has become the carrier of presenting some new concepts and ideas. "Experimental font" focuses on the visual presentation of font and the exploration of "experimental" behavior itself. It is reflected in the creation of the font itself and includes "character" in various visual situations to explore the boundary of visual form and text meaning. The application of digital art in experimental fonts adds a dynamic dimension to the fonts, which not only enriches the visual perception, but also breaks through the limitations of space and material, and improves the interactive and experiential feeling of experimental fonts. This paper will discuss the above characteristics of experimental font design under digital art, and look forward to the development of Chinese experimental font design.

Keywords: Digital art, Experimental font, Visual expression

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003436

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