User Requirement Matching Model for Distributed Conferencing Systems in the Post-Epidemic Era

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jianan LiuNa XiongRuoyu GuLingyan ZhangYichen Wu

Abstract: The epidemic (COVID-19) has incredibly released the demand for teleconferencing, creating conditions for developing distributed conferencing systems. However, due to the complexity of distributed conferencing systems, there needs to be more clarity regarding matching product supply with user demand. In addition, the currently adopted product evaluation methods are mostly single-view assessments, which do not fully represent the degree of matching between them and user needs. Therefore, this study will take academic conferences as an example and explore and construct a user-demand matching model for distributed conference systems from the perspective of conference organizers. This model's construction can help decision-makers get feedback on user requirements matching degrees quickly and provide design strategies for product system development and iteration.

Keywords: Distributed Conferencing System, User Requirements, Matching Model, Post, Epidemic Era

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003366

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