Design of an Intelligent Interactive Handgrip Training Device for the Elderly Based on Ergonomic Applications

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Le XuLiyuan Bao

Abstract: Currently, the world's population is aging significantly, and the need for society to promote and maintain healthy aging is expected to rise. Older adults need effective and targeted training products as their physical functions continue to decline with age, creating many complications. In this study, a total of 128 elderly subjects were invited to participate in the experiment using questionnaires, user journey maps, and in-depth interviews to obtain relevant data through in-depth analysis of the transformation and adaptation of the perceptual system, musculoskeletal system, thinking system and psychological characteristics of the elderly to understand their hand training modalities and exercise needs fully. The product uses ergonomic principles and integrated design theory to design an intelligent interactive hand grip training device for the elderly, whose core innovation is the multi-module training form and intelligent interactivity, covering four module functions such as finger pressure training, hand grip training, vibration massage relaxation, and visualization data and emotional interaction. This product's multi-functional overlay design cannot only effectively train the hand of the elderly but also adds humanized emotional interaction design, which significantly improves the user experience and provides design reference for the future development of intelligent interactive hand grip training devices for the elderly.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Elderly, Hand Grip Training, Multi, function, Interaction Design, Intelligent

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003442

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