Interaction preferences of human body's natural gestures and gestures in smart Large displays scenarios

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yanhui LiRen-Ke He

Abstract: With the rapid development of smart Large displays and motion sensing technology in the past ten years, gesture interaction based on smart Large displays has become more and more popular in home and public environments. The freehand interaction of smart large screen can be applied to traditional desktop displays and input Situations where equipment is unsuitable or insufficient for information presentation and task manipulation.This paper discusses the influence of natural body posture factors and interaction distance on the gesture interaction of the home smart Large displays. The user completes the specified task by customizing gestures in the home smart screen in a natural posture. The gestures displayed by the user are counted and the smart Large displays is designed. A set of user-defined interactive gestures in household scenarios. The perceived usability evaluation experiment of the user-defined interactive gesture set is conducted, the perceived usability and workload of the user gesture set are recorded, and the best gesture command preference is screened out.The results showed that the same natural posture had a significant impact on the application variation of gestures, with significant differences in interaction performance, perceived usability, and workload between sitting and lying postures. This study provided implications that are likely to improve the design and deployment of large display-based freehand interaction techniques.

Keywords: Freehand interaction,Large displays,Body posture

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003446

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