Research on Body Movement Correction Based on Ergonomic

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Authors: Xin XuXiaomei Chen

Abstract: Ancient Chinese people paid attention to walking like the wind, sitting like a clock, lying like a bow, and standing like a loose man. This was the standard for a good posture. They did not blindly pursue "thin" to show a person's physical beauty. Our posture had an invisible impact on our health and temperament. Modern people, due to the accelerated pace of life, the popularity and application of electronic products, especially in today's rapid development of information technology, had many factors that caused people to hunchback, neck, splayed feet Bad posture, such as high and low shoulders, not only affects people's physical beauty, but also has a certain impact on their health. This paper analyzes the impact of bad posture on people's body and mind from the perspective of ergonomics, discusses the importance of posture management, and shows the comparison between normal posture and wrong posture by using pictures from three aspects of standing posture, sitting posture, and walking posture. At the same time, on the basis of ergonomics, To explore the muscle structure of people from the front, side, back and three sides when they are upright in normal posture, and to study the corrective action of bad body posture according to the characteristics of body joints. On the basis of the theory of human science, through the research of body movements, we will explore the professional movement methods and practical methods to change the body posture, so as to change the original bad body posture, make the body more upright, and improve the body beauty and body beauty.

Keywords: physical beauty, ergonomics, posture correction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003447

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