On the Cultivation Mechanism of Postgraduates under the Background of the Fusion of New Arts and Sciences

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Authors: Chao Zheng

Abstract: To make comprehensive plans for the development of New Arts Disciplines, the Ministry of Education issued the "Declaration on the Construction of New Liberal Arts" on November 3, 2020. In order for a strong cultural nation to be achieved by 2035, the development of the "New Arts" as well as the promotion of high quality and high level development of the arts disciplines is of the utmost importance. The "newness" of the "New Liberal Arts" is not only the newness of forms, but also the newness of thinking and theory, and the newness of application and practice. Likewise, the "new arts" need to discover new research objects, explore new research paradigms, and adapt to new social needs. As the Internet and intelligent media have empowered multiple aspects of art, the field has undergone fundamental changes in production methods, expression forms, and dissemination methods as a result of cross-fertilization and technology-driven innovation. As a result, art boundaries have been broken, with integration and innovation becoming the new focus. Different fields and disciplines have accelerated their operations due to technological advances, while the deep embedding of technology has changed people's cognitive mode and the application scenarios of art. Design disciplines in particular should conform to technological changes and integrate across borders to create design works that serve society and have foresight.

Keywords: New Art and Science, Postgraduate, Mechanism of cultivation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003367

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