Specialized nurse care for the patient with an internal tracheotomy cannula in the intensive care public hospital of Peru

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Authors: Danicsa EspinoCarmen ArbuluMadeleine EspinoDávila Valdera Anny KatherineLuis DávilaEspino Carrasco Mayury JackelineVasquez Cachay RoyerAlvites Gasco Ana MariaGomez Romero ClarisaDíaz Calderón Ricardo RafaelDávila Valdera Lady Violeta

Abstract: In the intensive care unit (ICU), specialized critical care is provided to patients with multi- organ problems resulting from multiple diseases, requiring invasive and intensive care, therapy and monitoring with the support of high-tech equipment (Moreno et al., 2021). The general objective was to collect evidence to generate specialized nursing care guides for patients with internal tracheostomy cannula in intensive care units (ICU) in public hospitals of the Minsa of Peru. A type of secondary research was developed with an Evidence-Based Nursing methodology, formulating the PICOT clinical question: What are the nursing care that must be performed to avoid complications in the intensive care unit patient with internal cannula? For the collection of information, the following techniques and instruments were used, systematic review, for the bibliographic search, Google Scholar, Pubmed search engines were used, as well as databases: Science Direct and SciELO, finding a total of 7 investigations that They were evaluated through the Gálvez Toro validation guide, then the Boverieth Astete checklist, finally the level of evidence is given through the list of the USPreventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) the review had a level of evidence III (Referring to the opinion of experts based on clinical experience) had a grade of recommendation B , based on the GRADE classification system. The results obtained show 12 relevant care such as: Secretion aspiration, stoma cure, tracheal cannula changes, decannulation, expulsion of the mucous plug, hydration of the patient, treatment with mucolytics, humidification of the environment with mucolytics, respiratory physiotherapy, avoiding bleeding, prevent infection of the stoma, cleaning the cannula. It is concluded that the use of electronic equipment allows the nursing professional to provide specialized care to the patient with tracheotomy, evidence that at the same time allows the addition of guidelines in which care is unified in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Keywords: Intensive care unit (ICU), care, tracheotomy, inner cannula, critical patient

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003482

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