Inclusive design for older adult with degenerative scoliosis: The integration of monitoring sensors and functional garment

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Authors: Xiaolu LiJoanne YipRuixin LiangJun Zhang

Abstract: Adult Degenerative Scoliosis (ADS) is an aging population condition that occurs as a result of a degenerative change with an abnormal lateral curve greater than 10. Increased concerns over the health effects of ADS have been raised due to its increasing prevalence. Thus, inclusive design products, such as smart monitoring functional garments, are recommended for ADS, which integrate smart monitoring sensors with garments that help ADS to rebalance the spine through active self-correction. However, present research on smart monitoring clothing for ADS focuses more on intelligent monitoring components and systems. There is insufficient research on the integration design process of smart sensors with garments. Hence, this study aims to establish a scientific integration design framework for inclusive smart monitoring functional garments for ADS.Mixed research methods that combined qualitative and quantitative methods were used in this study. Specifically, the qualitative study, including a case study of a previous prototype and practical research of developing an iteration prototype, was conducted to investigate the integration design of smart monitoring functional garments for ADS. Then quantitative data of detailed anthropometric measurements, patterns, and characteristics of electronic accessories and fabric were collected and analysed using 3D modelling and fitting by CLO3D software. The quantitative result was then combined with the qualitative result to build an integration design framework for inclusive smart monitoring functional garments for ADS.The results showed that the development of smart monitoring functional garments for ADS is based on both the body factors of ADS and intelligent monitoring component factors. Furthermore, our findings suggested that the internal garment structure, combining positions, combining techniques, and fabric selection interact with each other under the spiral iteration design process. Finally, the proposed integration design framework and the iteration smart monitoring functional garment for ADS were established. Our findings established a thorough scientific basis for the knowledge on the integration design approach of smart monitoring functional garments for ADS.

Keywords: Inclusive design, Integration design framework, Smart monitoring functional garment, Adult degenerative scoliosis.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003491

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