Interface design for 360°real scenes-based virtual reality system with pedaling devices

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Poyen HsuYi Xiang SuChien-Hsu Chen

Abstract: As the elderly get older, they often have problems such as a gradual decline in physical function, it may even lead to the risk of lower limb disability if they stay at home or sit for a long time without regular exercise. In order to prevent the lower limbs of the elderly from being disabled, stepping devices are often used as a kind of exercise, which can not only control the amount of exercise but also improve cardiopulmonary function, and can also reduce the risk of injury during training. However, the elderly cannot maintain regular exercise due to insufficient training motivation.To understand and explore the motivation of 360° real scenes-based virtual reality for the elderly to use the lower limb pedaling device, we created VBike, a system that combines 360° real scenes-based virtual reality based on a pedaling device and a heart rate watch connected with Bluetooth. From this study, we can understand the design steps and implementation methods of the combination of 360° real scenes-based virtual reality with pedaling devices and confirm that 360° real scenes video will affect the motivation of the elderly to use the pedaling device. In the future, this study suggests adding the design of guide signs and audio-visual guides to help the elderly see and explore more in-depth 360° real scenes-based virtual reality and increase the experience of pedaling by the elderly.

Keywords: Real 360° VR based system, Elderly, Interface design, Lower limb training, Immersive experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003475

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