Communication components for Human Intention Prediction – A Survey

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Fahad KhanSeemal AsifPhil Webb

Abstract: In this review we address the communication components for human intention prediction for Human-robot collaboration (HRC). The HRC is the approach in which human and robot(s) work towards achieving the same goal. The interaction can be both levels physical and cognitive. The traditional settings of the HRC system provides fixed robot program based on waypoints or gestures. It is difficult to predefine the instructions of the situation in complex and variable environment. The understanding of human intention on dynamic basis is crucial for the success of such systems. The core character of co-existence of human and the robot is to understand the dynamic scenes of human intentions. To understand the human intention there is need to understand the components of intention communication. This paper provides comprehensive overview about the understanding the intention as communication components and modelling those components by using machine learning technology in HRC. Multiple ways of communicating intention are possible by using speech, action, gesture, haptic, physiological signals, etc. The article details various approaches to understand the human intention communication aspect particularly in the Human Robot Collaboration setting.

Keywords: Human Robot Collaboration, human intention communication components

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003504

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