Designing the organizational structure of enterprises operating in a highly turbulent environment

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Authors: Edmund Pawlowski

Abstract: The subject of this article is the methodology of designing the organizational structure of the enterprise. The aim of the research is to summarize many years of theoretical and empirical research on the organizational structures of enterprises and the methodology of their design, especially the design of organizational structures of enterprises operating in a turbulent environment. Theoretical research has led to the definition of a multidimensional organizational structure design space (Pawlowski E., 2009). In parallel, this multidimensional concept was used to develop an organizational structure design methodology for Agile Enterprises (Pawlowski E., Pawlowski K., 2008). The next step was to develop a methodology for designing an organizational structure in the context of the Knowledge Based Economy (Pawlowski E. , 2010). In 2015-2016, an empirical study was conducted on the flexibility of the organizational structure of Polish enterprises (Pawlowski E., 2016). In 2018-2020, a methodology for designing organizational structures was developed for the Management Systems of of Intelligent, Autonomous Environment (Pawlowski E. , Pawlowski K. 2020). This article focuses on the design of organizational structures of enterprises operating in a highly changeable, turbulent environment. The methodology is described in a five-dimensional design space: 1. Interpretation of organizational structure, 2. Methodology of organizational structure modeling, 3. Methodological approach to organizational design, 4. Procedures of organizational structure design, 5. Principles of organizational structure design

Keywords: Organizational structure design, turbulent envirobment

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003513

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