Automatic generation technology of dimension chain considering assembly characteristics

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yang ZengXiaojun LiuJindan FengJinshan LiuYang Yi

Abstract: Aiming at the deviation transfer path problem in assembly tolerance analysis, a method of automatically searching the assembly dimension chain is proposed, which first uses various types of information units to express the key information required for dimension chain generation, establishes the assembly accuracy information model, constructs the part order constraint association matrix and tolerance feature association matrix on the basis of considering the multiple assembly order and multiple parallel constraints in the actual assembly process, and generate assembly relationship transfer diagram. At the same time, the traditional shortest path algorithm is optimized by using the small root stack structure in combination with the transfer diagram application scenario, and the assembly dimension chain is obtained by local search of the transfer diagram according to the assembly order and the customized constraint selection rules. Based on the Qt application development framework and the OpenCASCADE graphics library, the prototype system is developed and verified, proving that the method can effectively improve the efficiency of the automatic dimensional chain search, and the generated dimensional chains are more consistent with the actual assembly process planning.

Keywords: dimension chain, assembly order, search priority, assembly constraint

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003523

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