Opportunity as a common factor of agility and entrepreneurship

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Authors: Mateusz Chróst

Abstract: The article presents an analysis of the literature on the agility of an enterprise from the point of view of recognition of opportunities, entrepreneurship and chances in a turbulent environment. The different approaches to the concept of opportunity are described and the ideas of enterprise brightness, resource flexibility of enterprises, the concept of enterprise intelligence and shrewdness are presented. The link between the notion of entrepreneurship and innovation has been shown. The concept of innovation was defined and organized. Activities related to creating opportunities in a reactive and proactive manner were discussed. The article presents a case study involving the implementation of a new (innovative) technology. The innovation in the examined company was created as a result of reactive activities. The company research presents implementation the innovative technology and specifies the timeframe for implementation. The length of the opportunity streak was presented and the product and service life cycles were compared. It was shown that the company's reactivity enabled the implementation of the new technology and opened a new range of opportunities consisting in the commencement of training services in the field of the implemented innovation.

Keywords: agility, agile enterprise, innovation, opportunity, entrepreneurship

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003509

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