A Synaesthetic Design Study: a driver for the Perception of Colour on Textile Biomaterials Selection

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Authors: Pedro FerreiraGabriela Forman

Abstract: The Selection of Materials is a field containing a group of criteria necessary to choose materials applied to the Design project. Several criteria were associated with this selection process, and just some of them were considered for the study (such as aesthetic properties related to colour and texture; intangible requirements like emotions, perceptions, and stimulus; and some specific biological properties connected to biomaterials in the textile context). The study aims to understand the visual colour stimulus of biomaterials from the perspective of the Synaesthetic Design phenomenon. The designer has a pertinent role in understanding the mechanism around social desires (environmental protection, impact of materials, transparency, traceability, and attractive products). Biomaterials are produced from various sources of feedstocks such as residues, wastes, and sub-products of raw materials. In these cases, the transformation of the materials is crucial to becoming valid on the market and desirable to the consumer. Thus, how can the designer create value opportunities using these materials? The literature review is a methodology integrated into this study through the addition of interdisciplinary areas that seek to generate systematic and holistic based reflections. The designer needs guidance on biomaterials and their visual interpretations, which are linked to emotions or sensorial desires of human behaviour and feelings to create empathy with them - specific materials based on descriptive criteria connected to the Selection of Materials field. Therefore, the study hopes to facilitate the growth of biomaterial application by offerings insight about these concepts and consideration on eventual opportunities for creating experiences and innovative products based on a thoughtful and informed selection, contributing to a deeper understanding of biomaterial and these properties within textiles, towards a Circular Bioeconomy view.

Keywords: Selection of Materials, Textile Biomaterials, Synaesthetic Design, Colour, Emotion and Perception

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003528

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