Dialectic of the Sustainability: Design and Art new Frontiers

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Authors: Ruben MoutinhoErmanno AparoPaulo Dinis

Abstract: Sustainability is, currently, one of society's main paradigms and depends, above all, on the way in which we plane and trace new paths so that, in a systemic, integrated and transdisciplinary way, choices are objective and made based on a greater collective good. It is at this point that sustainability meets design and art, as all formal, informal, and non-formal artefacts are, at some level, constituents and agents of change. The complementarities between design and art are increasingly identified in fine details and that is why we often see art migrating to stores and design artefacts to museums. This relationship between art and design aims to develop a new language for industrial culture. By applying a theoretical perspective capable of articulating the fundamental dimensions of the man’s relationship with the environment and highlighting the aesthetics of sustainability, it will consequently highlight the beauty of the complementarity of antagonisms in art and design interventions, thus playing an important role in the process of “socialization” of society. Being sustainability the subject of the moment and with roots for the future, this exploratory article seeks to investigate the dialectics between design and art and foresee future practices that will be the answers of tomorrow.

Keywords: Sustainability, Art, Design, Environment, Upcycling

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003539

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