Visual Thinking Through Diagrams

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rogério RibeiroDaniel RaposoRita AlmendraJoão Neves

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to identify what kind of schemas or diagrams are most functional as a way of visualizing and transposing ideas.It aims to gather knowledge about how some ideas were interpreted after visualizing visual schemes, especially abstract concepts and the union of dispersed information. Currently, the intangible concepts that define a brand become increasingly complex to express and are almost never fully transmitted to internal and external stakeholders of the entity, creating in the mind of each one, a brand image little related to other aspects, goals and visions that the brand may have.This topic becomes relevant in the transposition of concepts during the development of brands, having visual identity systems or even brands that have their concepts, but need tools capable of communicating them visually.A systematic methodology was adopted, with a non-interventionist basis, with case studies of schemes and diagrams used by major brands and international brands.The results consist in the identification of a set of graphic principles and characteristics that brands should use in order to ensure their clear communication and ideological coherence.

Keywords: Process visualization, Schematic, Perception, Comprehension, Contrast

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003530

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