Human error and performance modeling with virtual operator model (HUNTER) synchronously coupled to Rancor Microworld Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Roger LewRonald BoringThomas Ulrich

Abstract: The Human Unimodel for Nuclear Technology to Enhance Reliability (HUNTER) is a virtual nuclear power plant operator. The virtual operator can follow procedures the timing and reliability of their actions are tied to dynamic human performance modeling parameters (Boring et al., 2016). Unlike traditional (static) risk modeling HUNTER has a dynamic version of SPAR-H to calculate performance shaping factors (PSFs) based on evolving plant conditions. HUNTER models task level Goals-Operators-Methods-Selection rules (GOMS)-HRA as the operator walks through procedure steps. Here we describe how the HUNTER virtual operator model was tightly coupled with the Rancor Nuclear Power Plant Microworld as part of a suite of probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) tools.

Keywords: Human Reliability Analysis, Human Performance Modeling, Risked Informed Systems Analysis, Nuclear Power, Safety

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003548

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