What Fatality and "Prescott Way" Causal Factors Are Revealed in the July 23, 2013, Deployment Zone News Conference?

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Authors: Fred SchoefflerJoy A. Collura

Abstract: This is a story that needs to be told - always remembered - truthfully. This semi-inclusive paper examines the alleged wildland fire human factors that existed, contributing to the fatal Granite Mountain Hot Shot (GMHS) tragedy on the June 30, 2013, Yarnell Hill (YH) Fire; derived from the July 24, 2013, GMHS Deployment Zone (DZ) News Conference videos by InvestigativeMEDIA Reporter and author John Dougherty (JD) with Prescott FD (PFD) Wildland Battalion Chief (WBC) Darrell Willis, along with numerous reporters. The videos were then transcribed from the spoken words into a written PDF format using the novel Otter app so you can truly read what WBC and various Reporters are discussing compared to the mostly unreliable "CC - Closed Caption" hit-and-miss versions in the two videos. Rather than use all the Otter-transcribed text, the authors selectively used those WBC ambiguities of established tried-and-true Rules Of Engagement, i.e. LCES, Fire Orders, etc. Being able to read what is said is more revealing and thought-provoking offering new perspectives on this divisive fatal event. Torn and tormented while aware of the real truth, WBC held these young men as Sons - on the annoying horns of a dilemma - feeing obliged to defend them, weakly attempting to share in his alleged illusory-recollected “truth” of why it happened.

Keywords: Yarnell Hill Fire, June 30, 2013, Granite Mountain Hot Shots, Deployment Zone, Fatality Site, News Conference, Prescott FD, Darrell Willis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003555

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