The human quest for wearable technologies for stable healthy lifestyle through self-measurement

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sunday Adewale OlaleyeEsther Olubunmi Olaleye

Abstract: One of the contenders of health care systems globally is hospital congestion since the emergence of the ravaging COVID-19. Hospital congestion is caused by a prolonged hospital stay and delayed discharge due to complicated health issues. The research domain of wearable technologies and well-being is growing, and many authors have contributed to the literature on wearable devices and well-being. However, there still needs to be more knowledge on how human factors affect a stable, healthy lifestyle while using wearable through self-measurement. This study utilized a 1000 sample size from Finland for descriptive and correlation analysis with SPSS version 28. The study results show wearable technology as a motivation for a stable human healthy lifestyle and offer managerial implications.

Keywords: Human, Wearable, Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Technology, Self, Measurement, Self, Care, Finland

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003621

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