Key Enabling Technologies and Concepts for the Human-Centric Industrial Revolution

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Francesco LolliAntonio Maria CoruzzoloPlatao Gonçalves Terra NetoMiguel Afonso SellittoRita Gamberini

Abstract: Recently, a new Industrial Revolution has been conceptualized, this is coined with the term “Industry 5.0”. In fact, the rapid development of information and operational technologies enabled the creation of a new human-centric industrial paradigm. In this paper, we collect the necessities to go beyond Industry 4.0, the key technologies enabling Industry 5.0, its concepts, goals and provide an Industry 5.0 map that links all these concepts together. The provided map can be used by practitioners to have a clear vision of Industry 5.0 and to take into account all its objectives, enabling technologies and Industry 4.0 gaps while applying it. The researchers also present further research agenda and roadmap for the development of Industry 5.0.

Keywords: Industry 5.0, human centric, Digital Twin

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003625

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