Neuro Digital Experiences for Adaptive Museums

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Maria Laura NappiSonia CapeceCamelia ChivăranElena LaudanteMario Buono

Abstract: The interaction between humans, space and advanced technologies evolves into a relationship of “confluence”, a “symbiosis” between the users’ diversified needs and the potential of technologies to return tailored experiences. Being able to analyze the users’ behavior and their cognitive and perceptual-sensory processes enables the structuring of adaptive experiences that place the user at the center of the process of learning and understanding cultural content. The paper provides a critical-analytical recognition of the current models of fruition and interaction used in museum environments with reference to “digital neuro-experiences”. In this regard, “information interchange” contributes to enhance the visitor experience, enabling the activation of a “silent dialogue” between visitors and artefacts and outlining adaptive trajectories with new opportunities for the valorization of cultural heritage.

Keywords: user, space, technology interaction, digital neuro, experiences, accessible museums, adaptive experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003652

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