Designing Early Detection Screening System for Dementia in Indonesia

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Authors: Agatha Maisie TjandraAgatha Maisie TjandraZiyi LiChien-Hsu Chen

Abstract: The lack of awareness and misunderstanding between dementia and forgetfulness as normal parts of aging often leads to late diagnoses of dementia. This situation can be compounded by the fact that there is currently no cure for dementia and it is difficult to prevent or slow its progression. To address this, an early warning system for detecting dementia symptoms is essential. This study aims to design a new approach to dementia screening by using a chatbot with customized questions for each user. If any potential symptoms are detected, the chatbot will provide recommendations for medical evaluation. This research focuses on individuals over 60 years of age who reside in urban areas in Indonesia and will be conducted through the WhatsApp platform, a widely used communication tool in the country. The chatbot will gather information on personal habits based on elements of dementia measurement through questions asked. Initial data was obtained through qualitative interviews, used to customize questions specific to each participant's preferences. By using the customization questions, the Chatbot Prevention Dementia will offer a personalized approach to detecting cognitive status and help family members understand the situation of the elderly individual.

Keywords: dementia, early detection, chatbot, prevention

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003666

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