”Changing Death”: Initial Insights for Software Practitioners in Thanatopractice

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Dominic LammertStefanie BetzNele WulfJari Porras

Abstract: Digital transformation is now reaching into topics like End-of-life Care, Funeral Culture, and Coping with Grief. Those developments are inevitably accompanied by the growing challenge to design IT systems that are appropriate and helpful for the stakeholders involved. Our aim in this paper is to further introduce the rather new combined research field of Socioinformatics and Thanatology (the scientific study of death and dying) and to present it with the first results on which requirements to consider for the design of digital tools within ‘Thanatopractice’. By using Participatory Design and the Sustainability Awareness Framework (SusAF) in the context of three workshops on socio-technical systems (Online Pastoral Care, Virtual Graveyards, and AI Memory Avatars), we want to sensitize software practitioners to the multidimensional impacts of their products and services in a field, which the participants in the workshops often described as “highly sensitive”.

Keywords: Software Development, Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Software Sustainability, Socioinformatics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003668

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