Design of Ergonomics-based Bath Chair for the Elderly

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xin ChenHongling JiLe Xu

Abstract: Today, with the global population aging, more and more older people live alone. Daily bathing becomes extremely difficult, or even dangerous, for these older people who live alone with little legs. In this study, a questionnaire survey (195 older people were invited to participate in the questionnaire), user profile, and in-depth interview (3 older people with typical characteristics were profiled and interviewed) were used, and a user journey map of older people's bathing was drawn to understand their bathing process and needs more clearly. Then, we analyzed the problems of existing elderly bathing products by combining the physiological and psychological characteristics of the elderly. The product combines ergonomic principles and integrated design theory. Subsequent evaluation experiments were conducted through prototypes, and we also increased the details of the product according to the activities of the elderly when bathing in order to achieve thorough safety protection for the elderly group. This study can effectively reflect the potential perceived needs of the elderly for furniture products and the updated, relevant ergonomic data and provide adequate references for the design practice of furniture for the elderly.

Keywords: Elderly, Bath Chair, Ergonomics, Integrated Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003670

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