Designing a system using telepresence technology to enhance the feeling of "being there" for elderly individuals at healthcare centers

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Authors: Yu-Lien ShenChien-Hsu ChenI-Hsin Chen

Abstract: The study focuses on enhancing the "being there" presence by using 360 real-time video technology to create a remote interactive device system for the elderly in health care centers. By enhancing the “being there” presence of elderly, we can improve the physical and mental health of the elderly.In the experiment, the guide put on a wearable device to make a tour of a specific place, and the elderly watched the tour from a remote location on a monitor. After the test, we conducted a semi-structured interview with the participant to understand their feelings about the operation of the device, the content of the system, and their sense of "being there" presence. We also conducted expert interviews with the experimental results to establish the device's design direction, usability, and usage patterns.From the study, we have concluded that the design and usability of the navigation device and the viewer device, as well as the clarity of the viewing screen, are the main factors that affect remote presence. Devices that meet the usability of both parties can increase the sense of "being there" presence. Additionally, the interaction process between the elderly and the remote guide, as well as the content design and the process of interaction between the two people, can help enhance the remote presence of the elderly.

Keywords: 360 panoramas, “being there”, elderly health care, remote guiding, wearables device

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003658

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