Life Stories – Developing an Interactive Solution for Reminiscence and Communication

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marie SjölinderElin HollströmHanna Rönntoft

Abstract: Life stories are gathered information about a person, for example history, preferences, or habits. The method is often used in healthcare and care with the aim to support personalized care. This paper describes a project that explores how life stories can be gathered and made available by using interactive digital technology in new ways that supports a multi-sensory experience. Two workshops were conducted with participants from elder care, researchers, and designers. The aim with the first workshop was to frame the concept and to gain a deeper understanding of important aspects to consider. The aim with the second workshop was to gain a better understanding of the different user groups. The insights from the workshops are presented with respect to content, users, usage and interaction with different user groups. Important aspects that were brought up was ownership of the solution. This aspect is important since it is likely to affect what kind of information the users are willing to share. The kind of information a person is willing to share are also dependent on if it is friends, family or care giving personnel that will have access to the information. Further, it will be necessary to decide about how the solution will be used and if its focus should be on presenting information about a person’s history or if the focus should be on creating value in the moment.

Keywords: life stories, older adults, co, creation, design, technology usage

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003660

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