The search for a new housing formula using T-plan houses based on an analysis of typologies of housing as a response to the global housing crisis.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Alicja Maciejko

Abstract: The article presents a proposal for a new formula of housing construction based on the author's architectural design of a T-shaped house against the background of the current crisis housing situation in the world. The analysis of the literature showed that there is a gap in defining the typology of low-budget residential architecture, which is developing outside the standard regulatory systems as a bottom-up response to crisis problems. The search for a new housing formula with the use of houses on the T plan is presented on the basis of the use of various features of residential spaces characteristic of single-family and multi-family housing, collective and community housing, and unregulated, as well as on the basis of the geometric and technological possibilities of the proposed solution. The result of this search, based on the research method consisting in the selection of features and criteria characterizing extremely different types of buildings, is a model that largely resembles the idea of a community house and can be a response to the global housing crisis as well as a proposal to complete the typology of housing.

Keywords: social housing, T, house, typology of housing, inovations in architecture, Housing Crisis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003673

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