An Assessment of The Effects of Legislation Policies on Energy Infrastructure Financing in Developing Countries

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Authors: Emmanuel AyorindeJeffrey MahachiClinton AigbavboaNtebo Ncogbo

Abstract: Energy development is one of the most germane factors for regional and national development. There is great need for institutional support to aid the development of energy infrastructure in the region. The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of legislation policies in the development of energy infrastructure financing in Nigeria. Data was collected through the aid of questionnaires from respondents using purposive sampling technique. Methods of data analysis deployed for the study are Mean Item Score and Factor Analysis. Views from the study showed that the most significant factor having effect on legislation on energy infrastructure development is policy instability; also the result of the factor analysis showcased two major constructs that formed the effects of legislation policies in the financing of energy infrastructure in the Nigerian economy and these are energy development policies and lack of quality legislation. Conclusion, the study noted that with the underdevelopment in the energy infrastructure sector in Nigeria, there is need for effective policies that will limit the risk of investments in the energy infrastructure sector. This will facilitate great investment by private investors in the sector. This research contributes to energy infrastructure financing in Nigeria, economic growth of Nigeria, which will also boost the number of investments made in the energy sector both in Nigeria and the entire continent.

Keywords: Economic development, Infrastructure financing, Legislation policies, energy development, Nigeria.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003684

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