Making Architecture: Javier García Solera - The Sense of Place in Architecture

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marco SosaBoris Orellana-AlvearNatalia Pacurucu

Abstract: There is a growing awareness in today's society of the importance of architecture and place, but as the cities we live in grow and our lifestyles change, so does the way we use space. This means that the role of the architect is increasingly important. The development of the city and its rapid growth has become a stage to demonstrate the individualism of an architecture biased towards the spectacle and clearly towards real estate. It is important to recognize the good way of doing architecture. This article intends to establish the importance of the place in the work of the architect Javier García Solera, being for him an important condition to project and a result to be achieved with the construction. Through the bibliographical review, the condition of its architecture and the purpose of its design are described, establishing the strategy that is part of the solution, when facing the place and the initial idea of projecting. At the same time, the present study establishes through the bibliographic review, the notion of what the place means, its different scales and perceptions. It is concluded that architecture is the human response to the environment in which we live and what is its impact on the landscape, as an expression of identity and what sensations it provokes in those who inhabit it. With this study the fundamental role of the place is defined, understanding it as a necessary condition for architecture to exist.

Keywords: Place, architecture, technique, strategy, non, place

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003678

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