Emotional Effects of Color in Noisy Environment: A Virtual Reality Study on Subway Platforms

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuhong ChenLilu TangDan Zhang

Abstract: Color design is a potential way to improve the human experience of subway platform. This study investigated the effect of color on emotion and environmental preference in subway platforms. In particular, taking possible audio-visual interaction into account, this study investigated the differences in color-emotion effect under different noise levels. Virtual reality was used to simulate the subway platform environment, and 11 colors × 2 noise levels were examined. Participants’ emotions and preferences were measured by self-reports and EEG signals. The results indicated that the hue and color type of the subway platform have a significant influence on emotion and preference, and preference can be predicted by two emotion dimensions: pleasure and arousal. This study also found that environmental preference differed in different noise levels, and there was an interaction between hue and noise. These findings provided a basis for the color design of subway platforms to elicit more positive emotions.

Keywords: Emotion, Environmental Preference, Color, Noise, Audio, Visual Interaction, Subway Platform, Urban Ergonomics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003679

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