Incremental public space networks as metropolitan infrastructures towards urban resilience and cohesion: decoding best practices in Lisbon, Portugal

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Authors: João Rafael SantosTomás NunesAriana Marques Da SilvaJosé DuarteAna Beja Da Costa

Abstract: The paper offers a systematized perspective on a selection of complex public space projects delivered in Lisbon metropolitan area, through which three key rationales are discussed: 1) promotion of environmental resilience through green and blue infrastructure networks, 2) promotion of low-carbon mobility through improved conditions for walkability, active modes and access to public transport, 3) promotion of territorial cohesion through better connected and more cohesive neighborhood public spaces. Concluding remarks and contributions reveal the lessons learned on how each project’s rationale and systemic articulation complement each other, as well as the future prospects in terms of assemblage mechanisms towards an incremental logic of public space development.

Keywords: Public Space, Urban Project, Metropolitan Planning, Lisbon

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003680

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