Communication of a Theater play. An exploration from graphic design.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Monica Lameiro

Abstract: We observe how the versatility of the discipline of graphic design can incorporate its theoretical and practical knowledge of other artistic and cultural fields, such as, in this case, theatre. The interpretation of a play goes beyond the creation of scenarios or the artistic representation itself. It also requires an appropriate communication strategy to present the work in its entirety to society and capture the audience necessary for the business structure to be sustainable. This is where we focused our study area and detected a problem: how can we enhance the communication of a theatre play through design? At this point, the work is directed towards professional practice where the participating designers can interpret from their practical knowledge the characteristics and qualities of a given position to provide their graphic solution. This study focuses on exploring and comparing the practices of a selection of design professionals, specialists in this area to define which conditions and requirements should be taken into account in the briefing initially proposed in the design of this type of cultural communication as a starting point between: the creator of the play (the stage); the exhibitions of the theatre company (the performance); and the design of social dissemination (communication).

Keywords: graphic design, theatre, briefing, cultural work, communication

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003701

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