Types and Role of the Bullet Point System in Reading Experience

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Amic Ho

Abstract: In the age of information, information overload is projected to grow. The best techniques are sought to reach layperson audiences or readers with a unique message. Designers and information architects care about this. Thus publishing design and print communication must explore new ways to organise information for high reader impact and a more humanistic approach than before. This method requires writers to grasp readers' attention while reading. Hence, bullet points may highlight crucial themes when writing. Bullet points assist readers' reading and comprehension. Understanding ideas helps readers accept them and so bullet points improve information processing. Bullet points have been styled using points, lines, and various forms in publication design and commercial communication. However, there are not enough data to provide bullet point suggestions. Incorrect bullet point styles might impact information processing and document authority. Therefore, bullet points' effects on readers' emotions and information processing must be studied. This study examines the bullet point system and how it helps in the organisation and typesetting of texts. Bullet point categories' information-interpretation efficacy will be examined.

Keywords: Typography, Information Design, Visual Experience, Bullet point, Publication Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003704

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