Beyond Problem-solving: Exploring Design Modes for Children’s Medical Care Service and Experience

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Cheng PengSiyun Teng

Abstract: Driven by great passion of designing for the real world, College of Design and Innovation , Tongji University, reached out to Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in 2014 and established collaboration regarding this plan. We attempts to understand the cause for the children’s ‘crying’ and thus identify what could be done to solve the problems. By introducing and analysing this eight-year exploration, We found that following the traditional problem-solving was not a good solution to the communication problem between children patients and doctors. this paper attempts to understand and reframe the design modes in the context of designing for children’s medical care service and experience, We established a new design model of an IP-based communication system for children patients, the parents and the doctors, providing space for further discussion and practice.

Keywords: industrial design, design thinking, problem, solving, healthcare

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003706

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