Public art, public space and service design: Communication between artists and audience

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Authors: Zi YangIzzy Yi JianKin Wai Michael Siu

Abstract: Since the 1980s, cities in Europe, the US and other regions have witnessed a "renaissance" of public art. More and more artists have also begun to focus on the design process of public art, as well as the definition, function and its impact on urban development. These discussions mostly focus on the concept of public art itself and its location in public space, with little attention given to the relationship between public art and public space, its intended audience and the service functions it should provide. This article starts from the classification and function of public art, and re-examines the relationship between public art and public space, its service functions and effects based on Dewey's "art as communication" theory, as well as the link between artists and audiences in public space settings. Through some case studies, this research discusses the impact of public art and hopes that public artists will take responsibility for optimizing the quality of public space services by involving the audience in the design process of public art.

Keywords: Public space, public art, communication, audience, engagement

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003693

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