A Lead User-Persona approach to eliminate communication barriers among stakeholders in co-design.

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Authors: Anran FengMengye ZhouWanjun LiZiyi WangWeiru ZhangJing Chen

Abstract: An appropriate representative Persona is a critical factor in helping interaction design (IxD) innovation and product marketing succeed. Designers, users, and marketers usually work together as stakeholders to build Persona. However, researchers have noted that differences in understanding among stakeholders lead to Persona being created but not used well. Therefore, utilizing a mobile photographing market investigation project as a case study, this study proposes a new approach called Lead user-Persona. The core aim of the Lead-User Persona method is to help stakeholders reduce differences in persona understanding. Researchers use hybrid qualitative and quantitative approaches to find and analyze users’ information and ultimately build Lead-User Persona. At the end of this project, researchers invited project stakeholders to find IxD insight and fill out the satisfaction report. The results show that the Lead-user Persona can improve stakeholders' satisfaction with communication and creation.

Keywords: Lead, User Persona, Stakeholders, IxD innovation, Marketing strategy

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003697

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