Enhancing practical cybersecurity skills: The ECSF and the CyberSecPro European efforts

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Nineta PolemiKitty Kioskli

Abstract: The accelerated digitalization of all business and industrial sectors (transport, government, health, finance manufacturing) will increase the number, complexity and scale of cybersecurity incidents and their impact on the economy and society. The digital transformation imposes Higher Education Institutions and training providers to enhance their role in preparing the new generation of workforce that will have the capabilities and skills to address the upcoming digital challenges. Training providers need to become the enablers of the digital transformation with the capacity to accommodate different skills needed by the market, to a variety of training specializations. Fostering collaboration with the private sector can be effective in attracting the necessary funding, state-of-the-art technological training tools needed and real-life based training material. In this paper, we describe two recent efforts coming from the European Union targeting to close the gap between the available cybersecurity training and cybersecurity marketing demands, and further analyse the human factors involved in these efforts.

Keywords: cybersecurity, training, education, digital skills

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003723

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